Windows 10 horror: new user after an upgrade

Windows-Update-error-0xc1900107-1It takes me lots of time to get my Windows partition alive. Windows 10 is not to my taste, as it makes it difficult to install printers, change network-settings or do other administrative tasks like updating the installed software. Where it just takes hours to maintain Win10, it takes me only minutes on Ubuntu – but unfortunately I need Windows to test and build software. I simply work on my mobile when Win10 decides to let me wait over an hour for an update to be finished, without warning me in advance.

New in the game is the almost-unsolvable problem of adding new users – fresh users simply don’t get working profiles. The internet is full of complaining people who upgraded to Win10 from 7 or 8. The most mentioned solution by MS employees is to reinstall the whole OS – which is not an answer.

Here are a few of the most irritating problems I encountered and how I solved them. The list is much longer, but I did not record all as I had no idea that it would have taking me literally days to get this solved.

  • For a new user it is impossible to login. There are hundreds of pages assisting here, but only one of them actually worked for me. How to fix “user profile cannot be loaded”.
  • Updating is withheld. Going to the Windows 10 download page offers the upgrade, not presented by the Windows update app. Unfortunately it gives an error 0xC1900107, but that can be fixed.
  • The menu doesn’t show for the new user. Not solved yet, but again hundreds of people who claim to have an answer that equal to “trial-on-error”.

Have fun! You’ll need to optimism.

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