Sedo domain transfers – the steps

Sedo_logo-300x300There are no overviews of the steps that need to be taken to transfer a standard domain. Below you find what’s being done, so you know what to expect.

This is what I got when I bought an .org domain, which I was eager to start using. Total time for the transfer to be finalised: 12 days.

The good news is that the transfer is completely free, so you don’t have to pay extra to Sedo anywhere.

Please submit Payment

After I said yes to all the questions, documents and more, I had to pay. Luckily the amount could be paid by creditcard, else it would have taken much more time by bank-transfer.

Please pay the required amount into Sedo’s escrow account within the next five days. Our payment information can be found on the following Payment request

Please note that payment by credit card is only possible for amounts up to 5000 EUR or USD.

Once we have received your payment, you will have the option to request an official invoice from the seller. In order to do so, please go to your transfer centre and click on “request invoice from seller” in the transfer documents section.
In case you require an invoice before making payment, please inform your transfer agent.

Payment received

This was within a few hours, not immediate.

We have received your payment in Sedo’s escrow account, and the transfer status has been updated to “paid” in your Transfer Center.

Please note that Sedo does not operate on weekends and national holidays, and that your Transfer Specialist will contact the seller on the next business day to ask that they prepare the domain name for transfer. We kindly ask that you do not start the transfer process until we contact you with instructions to do so.

The funds will be held in our escrow account until the domain transfer has been completed.

Credit Card payment verification pending (takes 1 day)

This was unexpected – not sure what they were doing here. Only know it took 1 day.

Credit Card payment verified

Thank you for completing the credit card verification form. This email serves as confirmation that your payment for has been successfully processed.

Your transfer agent will be in touch shortly to begin the next steps of the domain ownership transfer process. In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding this, you can contact the transfer agent directly via the Transfer Center in your Sedo account.

Seller instructed to push domain to Sedo account (can take a few days)

You are at the mercy of the seller. I read some take very long. Don’t forget to complain if it takes more than 3 working days.

The transfer from the seller to Sedo can take longer, if the registrar is a small party.

We have requested that the seller push the domain into our account at his registrar, Moniker Online Services. Once the domain is in our account, you will receive further information about the next steps.

Transfer to Sedo account complete (takes two days)

Now register your domain using the authorisation code.

Then you have to send a message to Sedo that you have registered your domain via registrar XXX. It is manually checked, so takes some time.

In order to facilitate the transfer of this domain, we have transferred it to our registrar free of charge.
Please initiate now a transfer request at your registrar.
Please inform us which registrar you will use to transfer the domain, so that we can approve your transfer request immediately upon receipt.

For some TLDs (eg. .com, .info, .biz or .org) it is necessary to enter a so-called AUTH code in order to authorize a transfer request.

The corresponding code is:


Please note that you must enter the AUTH code exactly as it is above (Upper- and Lowercase)

Domain transfer from Sedo to your registrar confirmed (5-7 days)

Personally I did not expect this step to take so long,. The step took 6 days for me, and then – without any notice on the dashboard – the domain got transferred.

Please note that the transfer request (FOA) has been received and confirmed. The inter-registrar transfer should be complete within approx 5-7 days.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation. Have a nice day.

Transfer completely finished

Thy seem to wait a little to wait for the DNS to be updated, so like 8 hours later I got the official notice.

The domain transfer has been successfully completed. You are now the new owner of this domain, congratulations!

I hope it has helped you in understanding what steps are there to get a domain via Sedo. Good luck with your future new domain!

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