belief-system-1One if the most important part of today’s learning I find “unlearning”. A century ago each old idea  just past away with the generation which held it. Now an idea doesn’t hold for that long and needs to be replaced before the generation dies by natural causes.

The current tumult shows we need unlearning right now. We call them “lies”, but they are just natural there as the world changed faster than the people. That doesn’t solve the many problems we are facing today, so let’s start today.

Unlearning creates space for new ideas.

There are not many sources on the web, but it all starts with identifying and questioning your own beliefs. Though I’m not a fan of NLP at all, there are various tips&tricks to identify your own beliefs which are very usable – when ofcourse applied to yourself and not to another.

Accepting multiple answers, opens the door for re-evaluation.

If education has one big problem, then it is the urge to come up with one answer. The mathematical joke “1+1=3, depending on the value of 1” makes it clear – the conflict in us when reading this, is exactly  the thing I’m talking about.

As we have been trained to listen less to other senses if this distracts from the one-answer goal, we don’t make use of all our own capabilities. A shame I say.

Happy unlearning!

What do you question today?

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