Theme lock-in by “Extensio”

Extensio, thanks. For nothing!

I have been theme locked-in. I wanted to change the theme for a long time, but I had to feel the pain a bit longer to put energy in the change. so why Extensio is not the theme to go for:

  • It is not responsive – meaning that it is not optimised for mobiles and tablets
  • It is large: almost 600kb for frontpage, 1.5 MB for the blog
  • It is slow due to all the CSS and Javascript
  • It is hard to change, and also its creator tries to make a few extra bucks with consultancy.
  • Each update solved some bugs, but never tried to make the page lighter, so no intelligent JavaScript loading, no removal of unused code, no less complex CSS..

In a few words: not evolved to the standards of 2013. Below image of Pingdom RUM made it even more clear that I needed to have a faster website. I thought the speed was pretty ok, but Pingdom disagreed and showed me how the webpage was observed in other countries.


No green, and too many red -> the countries where the people had to wait over 15 seconds. Not really the right image I want to send over as a software performance engineer.


Extensio is full of shortcodes, which are pretty awesome (except “[list1]”). Problem is that it is not a separate plugin, but well-integrated into the theme. So if you replace the theme, you see all your pages full of unhandled shortcodes.

Therefore I made a plugin, which takes all the shortcodes in a separate plugin. Meanwhile I can search for shortcodes and replace them. And because we live in a world we share solutions, not frustrations, I give it to you. If it breaks your theme, then boohoohooo.

Download here: extensio-shortcodes-plugin

It is also a perfect start for making your own shortcode-plugin. It is Theme Test Drive compatible and has some basic tests for WP-mobile (which sucks, btw).

Now back to selecting a truly fast theme!

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