Recruiter Nurts

Linkedin-LogoRecruiters searching on LinkedIn and ending up on my profile-page:

  1. (“system engineer” or “software engineer” or engineer or administrator or admin), (microsoft or linux or unix), (programmeur or programming or programing or script or scripting or programmeren), (applications or applicatie or applicaties or application), (the netherlands or netherlands), (blog or blogger or geek or passion or passie or nurd or nurt)
  2. (hpc or high performance computing or high-performance computing or high performance compute or high-perfomnance compute or super-computing or super computing or supercomputing or supercomputer) +(linux or unix or redhat or red hat or rhce or rhel or ubuntu or debian or fedora or solaris)

Seems that being a windows-nerd would leave you unnoticed by the first recruiter.

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