Quick bookmarking of Firefox tabs

firefox-logoUsually I have 100+ tabs open in Firefox. I am aware I have tabs open for several different projects, but it’s hard to quickly organise and favourite each of the tabs within a project. That’s why I leave those tabs open with an increased chance I was getting distracted.

Solution: Multiple Tab Handler + standard FF trick.

When you’ve installed the plugin:

  1. Hold control and click all the tabs for one project
  2. Right-click one tab and select “Move to new window”
  3. Go to the new window, right-click one tab and click “Bookmark all tabs” (saves to a sub-folder, not overwriting previous one).

I did not find a way to sync the tabs with a project in the bookmarks. In toher words: I need to carefully add/remove new/old tabs.

Archiving finished projects

When I’m finished with a project, I move it to an “archived projects”. Some projects I want to get out of there, while others I might want to be able to retrieve easily. For instance, booking a business trip is a project I want to start with ease, just like booking a trip to say Germany one level deeper (Airports, Deutsche Bahn, general info). But one I specifically booked (hotels I checked, local transport, tickets, etc) I want to be able to look up, but I prefer to avoid a clogged bookmark list -> that one needs to go into an archive.

Unluckily you cannot archive bookmark-folders to html in Firefox. You can only copy a list of URLs:

You can do a copy in the Bookmarks Manager to copy selected bookmarks to the clipboard and paste the bookmarks in an HTML capable text editor. That should also work. In a plain text editor you will only get the URLs and not the title.

Some scripting

Enough to do some hacking. In Linux Bash you can easily get the titles of given urls:


# get the title thanks to http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9312154/wget-page-title
# echo without newline: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-general-1/bash-script-no-new-line-for-echo-command-380081/

echo -ne "$1 : "
wget --quiet -O - "$1" | \
sed -n -e 'H;${x;s!.*<head[^>]*>\(.*\)</head>.*!\1!;tnext};b;:next;s!.*<title>\(.*\)</title>.*!\1!p'
#echo ""

A little bit more scripting using sed with html-templates (header, repeat and footer) you can make anything you want.

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